Netflix's advertising plan launched

Netflix’s advertising plan launched, users of these 12 countries will be able to use

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Netflix’s advertising plan launched

Netflix’s advertising plan : Netflix has finally rolled out its advertising plan. Netflix’s announcement plan is currently offered in these 12 countries, though it does not include India. These 12 countries like Brazil, Australia, Canada, Germany, USA, Mexico and UK are included in this advertisement plan. Canadian druggies of Netflix will be available from November 1 and US druggies from November 3. The starting price of Netflix’s advertising plan is$6.99 i.e. around Rs 575.

With Netflix’s$6.99 plan, vids will be available in 720 pixels i.e. HD. Under this plan, druggies will get to see five announcements in a one- hour videotape show. announcement duration will be 15- 30 seconds, still the first show or first film will be announcement-free.

Netflix started its advertising plan

Netflix has partnered with Microsoft for advertising plans. Microsoft is now a Netflix’s Global Advertising Technology and Sales Partner. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella himself gave this information by twittering.
With the Netflix’s advertising plan, druggies will get to watch award winning shows.

All advertisements appearing on Netflix will be from Microsoft and will be exclusive. Along with advertising, the sequestration of druggies will also be taken care of, although there’s no information regarding how much the new plan will bring.

This is a small information on Netflix, Netflix or many more, if you look at today’s date, then in reality it is going up the down trend. In the beginning, Netflix had taken out its plan by replacing it with 800, these people took it for 649, took 600 plan for 400, and for 200 rupees they showed Netflix in mobile.

Hey, leave this, by collaborating with Jio and Airtel, integrated the basic or standard of Netflix inside some plans. And the only reason to do all this, to reach as many Netflix as possible to give a wide adoption, in today’s date, the higher authorities of Netflix are very much upset, senior authority said in the frustration That is “Why is Netflix not growing in India“.

The major update in this post is that Netflix is now launching such a plan in the coming time, where those people are going to introduce odds. There is probably a very cheap Netflix’s advertising plan like 200 rupees now, and maybe a plan of 50,60,100 rupees will come where you can get 4K content but with ads.

Literally these people have come over the YouTube trap, just before you are trying to make a habit, watch our full content, watch as long as you want, when you start enjoying it, when you will be addicted to all the content of Netflix and Because of its quality, its entire series of shows and when you start getting frustrated with ads then you will eventually upgrade the plan by paying more, only to remove the plans.

Who does not know this is the decision that Netflix took when the first time in the history Netflix’s subscribers had come on a decline, their user base was recorded for the first time that people are going to decline your subscription.

And this time “post covid” although there were all such regions in covid that people had subscribed when there was nothing to do in free time, but such a percentage is very small, Netflix is not satisfied with this. As to why so many people are shutting down subscriptions, the interesting thing is that recently Netflix announced Microsoft as its ad partner and the same thing by tweeting from KapnFirm’s SEO “Satya Nadel“.

Microsoft will handle the entire advertising segment

Microsoft will handle the entire advertising segment in a way that is new, these people are going to bring a “low cost” tier plan, Microsoft will have a full stake in it, these people to Microsoft as “Global Advertising Technology and Sales Partner” Announced.

Inshort Microsoft will deal with basically all the advertisers that brother and do your own products on Netflix, will bargain deal with them, will see all the setup, who will be under the cover of when, all this will be imposed on the new plan which will come soon.

The one is about to come on time. Now there are 2 reasons to make Microsoft pay partner here that why only Microsoft chose Netflix, First of all; The first major reason is that Microsoft does not have any video platform of its own, which is competing with Netflix.

If you look at the rest of the players in the market, first of all, how popular is google, how big and how much target audience it can give, but google was sucked because they have youtube, youtube a direct Can become rival of Netflix, because both are very big video storming platforms.

The second could be Comcast which is very popular in the US, but it also has its own video streaming service already named “Xfinity”. Since whose time Netflix did not choose him.

Reason number 2

Reason number 2 is the last year Microsoft acquired a company named “xandr” from telecom company at & t now basically what does xandr company do, it is an ad tech company which makes basicly technologies by taking sari premium advertise, its What are the better options around, this company works on it to organize everything in a good way and it is now under Microsoft.

So Microsoft has a big advantage, inside the advertising game, when the xandr company is acquired, now both the company Microsoft and Netflix are very much engaged in carrying forward this work, will launch a new Netflix’s advertising plan and It will be quite interesting to see how the audience of India rewards it, how it responds, how it adapts or it will say that when the money is to be paid, then what should the money look at home.

The exact date for the launch of Netflix’s advertising plan has not come, But it is expected that the new plan will be launched before the end of 2022, but another interesting thing is that in future we will also get to see the live stream on Netflix. And Netflix is working on how to break password sharing.

The company is very much worried that the revenue is being lost, the subscriber is losing, he is dying hot feet, that by any means, all these should be retained and the graph should go upwards again,


So tell me what do you think, if there is such a Netflix’s advertising plan , which will take a very small amount from you and show ads together on the content of Netflix, that is a better option or any show any movie.

The certain part ie the initial part should be shown for free and if you want to see it completely, then you should be given the option of payment there, that is a better option, I personally think that the free system is more correct.

Man enjoy first experience that brother, this is the system, you have seen one or two episodes of the beginning and if you are feeling interesting, quality is good, service is good, then you can get it for one month or so.

Then whatever their scheme is, and after that you enjoy it completely, but even after taking the money, I understood it to be a little personal work to introduce ads, what do you think your opinion must be told in the comment, if this post gives you If you like then definitely share this post to your Netflix watching friend.

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