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History Of Ashok Leyland Company from car maker to leader of heavy vehicles

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Ashok Leyland is the manufacturer of every second commercial vehicle running on the Indian road today, whose market share is more than 32.3, Ashok Leyland is the fourth largest manufacturer of buses running worldwide. Which make vehicles ranging from about 10 seater to 74 seater.

The roads of Silagarh and Ladakh which are very rocky, when the Indian Army needed a truck, Ashok Leyland first started manufacturing trucks for India. Today, more than 70 million passengers travel in Ashok Leyland vehicles in about 50 countries across the world, which have a market share of more than 421 billion. Ashok Leyland made its mark on the Indian roads in those days when no one was manufacturing commercial vehicles in India except Tata.

And he did all this at a time when license raj was going on in India when you had to take government approval even for a small license. Today Ashok Lelandar will be seen on every road in India. In this blog, we will try to know how Ashok Leyland established its coin in India’s largest commercial manufacturing in the Indian market. So let’s read this blog further.

How Ashok Leyland started in India

Ashok Leyland was started in India by Raghunandan Saran in 1948 by setting up a small plant in Chennai, the name Ashok was taken by his son, at that time the name of the company was Ashok Motors. Yes, all these companies used to sell foreign cars here in India by importing their parts and assembling them. For example, Hindustan used to assemble and sell Ambassador and Morris Oxford Series III cars in India.

At that time, Ashok Motors used to sell Austin A40 cars assembled in India. At the same time, Raghunandan Saran ji understood the need in a big Indian market, he saw that four wheelers are better than cars in India. Can be taken from place to another or need a bus, because about 50 to 100 people can sit in a bus, who can be taken from one place to another.

Indians could offer those things very easily, that’s why this company thought that we should partner with foreign companies, so that we can also get that technology and we can manufacture buses and trucks in India. For this reason, he decided to partner with Leyland Motors which was a British company.

And after this, Raghunandan Saran ji raised all the funds from the Madras government to bring technology from outside to India, but at that time he dies in a plane crash, due to which the Madras government partnered with Leyland Motors and its Later its name became Ashok Leyland.

Ashok Leyland manufacturing double decker buses & trucks in India.

The partnership of Leyland Motors at that time was about 40%. After partnership in Ashok Leyland, Leyland Motors started manufacturing trucks directly in India and they first made a truck named Comment 350, which later became a tile.

Manufacturing company bought. And after this, they also lunched the buses in India by giving them double, which at that time used to be used only in Europe and America and along with this, they also lunched the rare engine bus in India.

This was the time of license raj in India, where if you make any changes in your technology, then for that you had to take a license from the government. There was a lot to do. That government had to pay a tax of 2.5% if anything was brought from outside countries.

Because of which Ashok Leyland was working in India with its own old technology to save its margin. But there is a big change in the company in 1987 when the hinduja group takes over all the shares of Leyland which were in Ashok Leyland.

And after this, to improve the quality of its trucks in India, it partnered with Hino Motors, which is called Toyota’s truck segment. After this they introduced ZF Transmisson in India and after 1991 librolisation they also launched CNG buses in India.

Ashok Leyland manufactures a truck for the Indian Army

At the same time, the Indian Army of India needed some trucks that could run in the snowy mountains as well as in the hot desert, and for this, Ashok Leyland started making trucks for the Indian Army for the Government of India and the Indian Army Ashok Leyland made the SUPER STALLION – 8×8 trucks for. Along with this, today their 4×4 Stallion truck is very popular for the Indian Army.

There was a need for some trucks that could run in the snowy mountains as well as in the hot desert, and for this, Ashok Leyland started making trucks for the Indian Army for the Government of India and for the Indian Army.

Ashok Leyland made the SUPER STALLION. – Made 8×8 trucks. Along with this, today their 4×4 Stallion truck is very popular for the Indian Army. Ashok Leyland’s company has made more than 70,000 trucks for the Indian Army, which are still the most commonly used trucks by the Indian Army.

And after this comes Lubrolize of 1991, where the license rule in India ends completely and now it has become very easy to bring the company of Bahar to India. And in the year 1999, Ashok Leyland launched CNG buses in India and after the year 2000, they thought of doing international expansion, for which they saw that if we can partner with foreign companies, then we can easily expand in that country. Will go because of which he partnered with Czech Republic’s company AVIA which makes trucks.

Ashok Leyland started manufacturing vehicles outside India as well.

Along with this they also set up a bus assembly plant in UAE and in the year 2011 they partnered with John Deere to manufacture construction vehicles in India and outside India. Which proved to be quite a successful project and after that the company also did jointventure with SIEMENS and Albonair company. In UK, he owned a company named Optare. Which used to make buses. And in India, they partnered with Nissan, which could manufacture lightweight vehicles in India.

As your on growth is about 80% of Ashok Leyland. How is all this possible? Because Ashok Leyland spends a lot of money in its research and development. Just in the year 2017, they entered into a partnership with IIT Madras to further grow their RND Center and also partnered with SUN Mobility to introduce electric vehicles in India in a better way. Here Ashok Leyland has also partnered with etg group to expand itself in Africa in the year 2022.

For. Today Ashok Leyland sells around 12000 trucks every year only in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Along with this, they have made their expansion in many countries like Azerbaijan, Russia, Africa and Indonesia. And today, Ashok Leyland is one of the largest suppliers of trucks and buses in the whole world.
Since then, in the year 2019, Ashok Leyland was also awarded India’s 34th Best Brand Award.

what did you learn today

So friends, tell me how Ashok Leyland contributed in India, Ashok Leyland realized the need of India which was most important, when Ashok Leyland came to India, they had 2 options either they were 4 wheeler cars You could have expanded in India or you could have grown in India by looking at the need of the market.

At that time Tata was the only one who used to make trucks and buses in India, Ashok Leyland also saw great opportunity that Tata had grown a lot in the north side of India, but there is still a lot of shortage of trucks and buses in South India.

And for this lack, he started manufacturing buses and trucks so that Indian could also be given an affordable solution for transportation and he did the same thing in his growth. So friends, today their market capitalization is more than 4 billion, all this has become possible because of unleashing a right need.

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